February 17, 2016 - Pre-Conference Sessions

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PC1 - Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC)


Andrea Bodkin, HC Link Coordinator, Health Nexus
Gillian Kranias, Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant, Health Nexus

Ruth Schofield, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, McMaster University; past President and current Chair, Leadership Competencies for Public Health Practice, Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC); Co-chair, Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) Task Force on Public Health


Sharon Lobo, Physician Outreach Specialist, Peel Public Health
Teri Sousa, Public Health Nurse, Region of Waterloo Public Health
Mary-Jean Watson, Program Manager, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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Strong community partnerships are a critical component to the success of HBHC programs. This one day workshop provided Screening Liaison Nurses and other HBHC providers, who are actively building relationships with community partners, with knowledge, skills and strategies to develop strategic partnerships and strengthen existing partnerships. Community partnerships can facilitate the screening of families as well as support streamlined processes for appropriate referrals into HBHC and referrals of HBHC clients to additional community services. Potential community partners include: hospitals, family health teams, OB-GYNs, pediatricians, family physicians, midwives, preschool speech and language and even other programs within your own health unit.

At the end of the workshops, participants were able to:

  1. Summarize the Community Health Nurses of Canada standards of practice and PHN competencies related to partnership development.
  2. Determine the motivators and communication needs of different community partners.
  3. Identify potential local community partners and select the ways to best communicate and collaborate with each of them.

PC2 - La discipline positive: Comment soutenir les parents et leurs enfants

Kathleen Patterson, M. Ps., Consultante en santé mentale


Cet atelier a été conçu pour aider les professionnels à intervenir de manière positive auprès des enfants âgés de 0 à 6 ans et à offrir aux parents des stratégies similaires de discipline positive à utiliser avec leurs enfants. Cet atelier a été basé sur la campagne de sensibilisation Les enfants voient... Les enfants apprennent du Centre de ressources Meilleur départ.

À la fin de l’atelier les participants ont été en mesure de reconnaitre :

  • l’impact négatif des châtiments corporels et psychologiques sur les enfants,
  • les fondements de la discipline positive et de son application,
  • des stratégies d’intervention à utiliser auprès des enfants et des parents pour réduire l’utilisation des châtiments corporels et psychologiques auprès des enfants.

PC3 - Providing Targeted Breastfeeding Support: Results and Lessons Learned from Breastfeeding Community Projects

The event featured a keynote presenter, as well as a number of presenters from community projects.

Over the last two years a number of organizations received grants from the Best Start Resource Centre to develop or enhance breastfeeding services or programs to support populations with lower rates of breastfeeding. This event showcased the results and lessons learned from a variety of breastfeeding community projects. Participants at the session:

  • Gained interest in the Ontario Government’s targeted breastfeeding support strategy.
  • Considered developing breastfeeding programs or resources to meet the needs of women from populations with lower rates of breastfeeding in their communities.
  • Celebrated the successful completion of round one and two of the breastfeeding community projects.

Access Presentations and Handouts:

S1A - Breastfeeding Education for Healthcare Providers

S1B - Breastfeeding Support for Women/Infants with Medical Issues

S1C - Breastfeeding and Younger Women


S2A  Prenatal Breastfeeding Information

S2B  Breastfeeding Promotion Using Technology

S2C  Breastfeeding and Women from Lower Socioeconomic Backgrounds

S3A  Breastfeeding Awareness and Promotion

S3B  Breastfeeding Peer Support


S3C  Breastfeeding and Aboriginal Women

PC4 - Prenatal Education Spotlight

Penny Simkin, PT, Author, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Birth Counselor
Matthuschka Sheedy, Health Promotion Consultant - Prenatal Education, Best Start Resource Centre
Jo-Anne Robertson, Health Promotion Consultant, Best Start Resource Centre

Wendy Katherine, Project Director, OMama Project

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The Best Start Resource Centre was pleased to provide the first pre-conference day just for prenatal education providers. The esteemed Penny Simkin provided the keynote address, in order to help celebrate the launch of the long awaited Prenatal Education Key Message for Ontario. There was an opportunity for all to attend sessions on the following topics:

  • Teaching comfort measures (Penny Simkin)
  • Using the Prenatal Education Key Messages (Matthuschka Sheedy)
  • Discussing intimate partner abuse in prenatal education (Jo-Anne Robertson)
  • The OMama project (Wendy Katherine)