Webinar: Breastfeeding for the Health and Future of Our Nation

Breast Feeding for the Health and Future of Our Nation

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Webinar Description :

This webinar will help service providers support Aboriginal women with the art of breastfeeding .  The following points will be discussed:

  • Information about Aboriginal traditions around breastfeeding.
  • Information about why breastfeeding is important.
  • Information about how breastfeeding can help heal intergenerational trauma.
  • Practical tips on how to help Aboriginal women get started and continue to breastfeed.
  • Information and resources that your clients may find helpful.

Participants are encouraged to consult the resource Breastfeeding for the Health and Future of Our Nation before participating in the webinar.


A telephone line and high-speed internet are required to participate in the webinar.  A toll-free number will be provided.  Connection details will be provided 2 days prior to the webinar. 

Registration Fee:

The webinar is free to all participants.

Download and complete the registration form and fax it to us at 416-408-2122.


Stephanie MacDonald
Oneida, Aboriginal Midwife, IBCLC,
Community Breastfeeding Coordinator, Six Nations

For inquiries about registration, contact:
Roshni Juttun: r.juttun@healthnexus.ca or 1-800-397-9567 ext. 2336; or 416-408-2249 ext. 2336

For content inquiries, contact:
Dianne Rogers : d.rogers@healthnexus.ca   or 1-800-397-9567; or 416-408-2249 ext. 2223