Workshop -Child & Family Poverty - West Perth


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Child and Family Poverty Workshop: 
How Service Providers Can Make a Difference

Date : Tuesday November 7th

Time : 9:30am to 3:30pm (Registration is at 9:00am)

Location : Brodhagen Community Centre, 6708 Perth County Line 44, Mitchell, ON, N0K 1N0

Registration Fee:

The cost for the participants is being funded through the Ministry of Education Early Learning and Child Care planning funding. The workshop aligns with the Kids First Fall Forum. 


Child and Family Poverty – Moving from Stigma to Empowerment
This interactive session offers an opportunity to reflect on how poverty is defined and its impacts on families with young children.  As needs of families are often complex and needed services are not always available or accessible, questions are raised to explore service provider practices that can help or hinder families living in poverty. Broader systemic and policy issues that influence families living in poverty will also be mentioned.

Presented by Marie Brisson, Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant, BSRC

Reading Between the Lines:  Understanding Parents’ Decisions

This session will examine the impacts of multiple stressors on parenting capacity and demonstrate how early years practitioners can support parents who experience multiple stressors.

Presented by Maureen McDonald, Manager, Health Nexus

EDI Mobilization

Sharing the Huron and Perth Early Development Instrument results.

Presented by Diane Millian, Huron County Children’s Services Supervisor

Circle of Security Kids First initiative

Introduction via video to this powerful parenting strategy that helps parents uncover what their children need for lifelong emotional security.  

Presented by Linda Feeney, Huron County Resource Consultant

Poverty Infographic (Huron)

A tool to use to start conversations about the realities of living in poverty in Huron County.

Presented by Dr. Erica Clark, Epidemiologist, Huron County Health Unit

The Price of Eating Well in Perth County 

Food insecurity and the price of eating well in Perth County

Presented by Natalee Ridgeway, Registered Dietician,  Perth District Health Unit

Healthy Kids Community Challenge Huron – Community Impact

The key to success of Healthy Kids Community Challenge Huron is committed local partners. This session will explore some examples of creative community projects designed for better access and fewer barriers to healthy choices for families.

Presented by Bonnie Baynham, Community Developer, Huron County Health Unit

Making services work for young children and their families in Huron Perth

Let’s explore how services can operate for optimal impact to address the concerns and challenges of families living in poverty.

Planning for 2018 – Kids First’s 10th Anniversary

Presented by Barb Hobson, Stratford Children’s Services Manager/ Michele Gaynor, Huron County Children’s Services Manager



Marie Brisson is a Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant of the Best Start Resource Centre.  She graduated from the University of Ottawa in nursing; she then completed a second cycle diploma in Andragogy and a diploma in Health and Safety in the workplace. She worked in Public Health in numerous health programs and worked a few years in the private sector which makes her field of expertise very wide.  

Maureen McDonald is an RECE and a Master of Education in Community Development & Adult Education. Maureen currently manages the comprehensive, bilingual core health promotion services through Health Nexus and HC Link. With 25 years’ experience designing and leading complex child and family health and social support service systems, she promotes healthy communities through the cultivation and development of multi-sectorial partnership initiatives and projects. Maureen’s work, both within Toronto and across the province, reflects the need to develop innovative and responsive solutions to address the upstream health needs of diverse populations in a wide variety of community settings. 

Kids First Huron Perth is a consortium of more than 60 local agencies and professionals committed to providing an integrated system of prenatal, healthy child development, early identification and intervention, and early learning and care services for children under the age of 13 and their families.

Their mission is to plan, monitor and evaluate the integration of prenatal; healthy child development; early identification and intervention; and early learning and care services for children under the age of six and their families who reside in Huron and Perth Counties.

The Steering Committee endorses the Province of Ontario’s vision for the early years – “Ontario’s children and families are well supported by a system of responsive, high-quality, accessible, and increasingly integrated early years programs and services that contribute to healthy child development today and a stronger future tomorrow.”

Poverty to Prosperity (P2P) in Huron is a collaborative and action-based group that brings people together from across sectors to improve the lives of individuals who live in poverty. P2P envisions an end to poverty in Huron County and a healthy, equitable, just and inclusive community where every person has a sense of belonging.