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The Best Start Resource Centre produces multi-media resources on a broad range of topics related to preconception health, prenatal health and early child development, developed in collaboration with, or with support from other organizations and experts. Materials range from fact sheets, brochures, manuals, posters, displays and videos to program planning guides and reports.

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Resource Topics

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Best Start Resource Centre Handout for Parents

Share this link or download and print this bilingual handout for your clients to let them know about the free online information and resources provided by the Best Start Resource Centre. Clients can scan the QR code on the handout to visit our website directly.  

The Best Start Resource Centre also participates in research activities, surveys and needs assessments.

All of our resources can be viewed online and are available for free download in PDF format on our website. You can also order print copies of many resources at minimal cost.

The prices shown for resources do not include taxes or shipping and handling costs.

Shipping and Handling Information

There is no limit to the number of resources that you can order.

Shipping and handling costs will be added to the subtotal of your order.  The shipping and handling calculations are based on actual shipping costs using FedEx Ground throughout Canada. 

Please note that you will be charged for shipping and handling of free resources. 

An invoice will be included in your shipment, and a copy of it will be mailed to your billing address shortly after your order has shipped.  Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

Feel free to contact us by telephone or fax at 416-408-6906 or by email at

Bulk pricing Information

Discounts are automatically applied on large orders as follow:

General bulk rates


Regular Discounts

Discounts Starting July 2, 2018






















Bulk rates for DVDs


Regular Discounts

Discounts Starting July 2, 2018







Please note that:

  • the quantities refer to individual resources, not to the total number of resources on your order.
  • the resources E12-E "Healthy Beginnings" and E12-F "Partir du bon pied" do not qualify for bulk rate discounts.
  • the resources developped in partnership with the Nutrition Resource Centre are only subjected to the regular bulk rate discounts.

Shipping Outside of Canada

If your order is international please contact the order desk at for a quote as shipping charges vary greatly per country.

HST Tax Rebate on Books

Some customers may be eligible for a rebate of the provincial component of the HST on qualifying books by completing form GST189.  Please refer to CRA's publication GI-065 for more information.

Administrative surcharges for returned cheques

Cheques returned for any reason, including but not limited to Insufficient Funds (NSF), Closed Accounts, and Stop Payments, are subject to a 25 CAD Returned Check Fee.

Adapt our resources to meet your needs!

Organizations can request to adapt the Best Start Resource Centre’s resources to meet their own needs, based on certain straightforward conditions.


  • Contact us by email to learn more about the processes and conditions for requests to adapt Best Start Resource Centre materials. 

  • Request permission to adapt Best Start Resource Centre materials by email clearly indicating the resource(s) of interest, the changes you would like to make, and how you plan to use the adapted resource(s).

  • Best Start Resource Centre staff will let you know if your request is approved or not. If your request is approved, a letter of agreement will be prepared by the Information Specialist. Review the letter and return a signed copy to the Information Specialist.

  • Once a signed letter of agreement is received, Best Start Resource Centre will provide you with the electronic designer source files of the resource(s), if required. These designer source files will be in the format the resources were originally produced. You may need assistance from a designer or professional printer to manipulate these designer source files. Any costs and arrangements regarding formatting or editing of these designer source files are born solely by the organization making the changes.

  • All adapted resources must be approved by the Best Start Resource Centre prior to being produced/distributed and must include the approved acknowledgement text. 

  • All costs for revisions and printing are born solely by the organization making the changes.


  • Ontario Organizations – Approved requests involving minimal changes are charged $50CAD per resource, if the designer files are requested. An additional fee is added for adaptation requests involving extensive revisions, calculated on a per project basis. 

  • Organizations outside Ontario – The fee is calculated on a per project basis.