Our team

Barb Willet
Executive Director
416-408-2249 / 1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2240

Hiltrud Dawson
416-408-2249 / 1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2250

Sonya Boersma
Health Promotion Consultant,
BFI Strategy for Ontario
416-408-2249 / 1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2251

Magali Bouhours
Bilingual Information Specialist
416-408-2249 / 1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2345

Marie Brisson
Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant
416-408-2249 / 1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2255

Louise Choquette
Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant
416-408-2249 / 1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2276


Amanda Dupupet
Executive Assistant
1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2235


Malou Gabert
Administrative Assistant
416-408-6907 / 1-800-397-9567 x 2287

Angela Geddes
FASD Project Coordinator
416-408-6868 / 1-800-397-9567 x 2292

Yolande Lawson
Health Promotion Consultant, BFI Strategy for Ontario
416-408-2249 / 1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2256

Jo-Anne Robertson
FASD Project Coordinator 
416-408-2249 /
1-800-397-9567 Ext. 2238


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Staff bios

Barb Willet - Executive Director

Barb draws upon her extensive leadership experience to lead Health Nexus where she manages a staff of 20 people located in Toronto and across the province. During her more than 20 years with the organization, she has contributed to many successful inter-agency collaborative initiatives and strategic partnerships, and has led the effective planning and delivery of a range of programs and services. Barb has a Master’s degree in Health Sciences with a specialty in Health Promotion.

Sonya Boersma - Health Promotion Consultant, BFI Implementation for Ontario

Sonya has extensive experience as a lactation consultant in numerous settings, particularly breastfeeding clinics and independently. As a registered nurse she has worked in public health for 12 years and has taught nursing students clinical in postpartum. She recently completed her Master’s of Science in Nursing and has presented at multiple conferences. Sonya drafted the BFI Implementation Toolkit and was one of the researchers for the BFI Evidence Informed Key Messages and Resources Manual. She is passionate to support best practice in working with families, front line staff and service providers.

Magali Bouhours - Bilingual Information Specialist

Magali has a strong background in science and worked in scientific and clinical research for many years. She joined the Best Start Resource Centre in 2011 as a Bilingual Resource Coordinator, before reconciliating her training and her interests as an Information Specialist.

Marie Brisson - Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant

Marie has extensive experience in training development and delivery, and facilitation to respond to the needs of individuals, families or communities. She worked in numerous public health programs as well as in the private sector. Marie has a degree in Nursing and diplomas in adult education and workplace health and safety.

Louise Choquette - Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant

Louise has guided a range of Best Start outreach and social marketing initiatives including newcomer reproductive and child health, physical activity, prenatal education and tobacco control. She has also led projects to engage francophones across Ontario.

Hiltrud Dawson - Health Promotion Consultant, Breastfeeding Project Lead

Hiltrud has extensive experience in the maternal newborn field as a nurse, midwife, and lactation consultant. Before joining the Best Start team, she led a multidisciplinary team at Hamilton’s St. Joseph’s Healthcare that implemented the Baby-Friendly Initiative and became Ontario's first Baby-Friendly Hospital. Hiltrud has led many of Best Start’s healthy child development initiatives, including the On Track Guide.

Amanda Dupupet - Executive Assistant

Amanda Dupupet provides support to the Executive Director and to the Best Start team. Originally from Halifax, she has over 15 years of administrative and customer service experience. She is passionate about health promotion et maternal and infant health.

Malou Gabert - Administrative Assistant

Malou Gabert is the FASD One Stop project assistant, as well as an administrative assistant for Health Nexus. She has experience in administrative support but is new to the health promotion field.

Angela Geddes - FASD Project Coordinator 

Angela is an FASD Project Coordinator who has extensive experience working within the mental health field with a focus on increasing individual and community capacity through direct support services, education, and health promotion initiatives. Angela has a particular interest and passion in the area of FASD, and remains committed to reducing both the incidents and the impact of prenatal exposure to alcohol.

Yolande Lawson - Health Promotion Consultant, BFI Implementation for Ontario

Yolande, who is a Métis woman, is a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant has worked many years in maternal-child health and public health in the north. Yolande is committed to providing support and resources to women, children and families as well as to service providers. Yolande has an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and a Master’s of Public Health Degree (Nursing Specialization).

Jo-Anne Robertson - FASD Project Coordinator

Jo-Anne Robertson is a Health Promotion Consultant with a background in early child development and public health. Jo-Anne is committed to working with community stakeholders to promote the optimal development of young children. Her areas of interest include infant mental health and equity issues.