The Best Start Resource Centre develops and implements awareness campaigns in Ontario to enhance the health of people who are:

  • planning a pregnancy
  • expecting a baby
  • parents
  • newborns or young children

Children See. Children Learn.
September 2015

Campaign to reduce the prevalence of physical and emotional punishment of children from birth to age 6.

Campaign Overview and Evaluation
Campaign Resources

Healthy Baby Healthy Brain
October 2012

Ontario-focused campaign that shared practical ways that parents could support their young child’s brain development, the foundation to healthy child development. It was designed to reach parents of children 0-3 years old and parents expecting a child.

Have a ball together!
October 2009

Physical activity in the early years campaign focused on parents and caregivers of children 2-5 years old. The key messages:

  • there is more time for children to be physical active with less screen time
  • it’s fun and easy to be active with children
  • there are many benefits of unstructured active play

Life with a new baby
March 2007

Campaign on Postpartum Mood Disorders (PPMD) designed to reach pregnant women and those who have recently given birth as well as their families and health care providers. The campaign aimed to:

  • raise awareness of PPMD
  • clarify misconceptions about PPMD
  • encourage women experiencing symptoms of PPMD to seek help

Health Before Pregnancy
March 2005

Ontario-focused awareness campaign targeted on the importance of reproductive health. The key messages: 

  • reproductive health begins long before a baby is conceived
  • the health of a baby can be affected by the health of both the mother and father prior to pregnancy

Alcohol Free Pregnancy
May 2004

Ontario's first province-wide campaign about alcohol and pregnancy for women of childbearing age. The key messages:

  • there are serious, long-term consequences to alcohol use during pregnancy
  • there is no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy
  • there is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy
  • it is best to stop drinking before pregnancy
  • help is available